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​​Football Skills School

Tudor Grange Secondary School - Solihull

Regularly considered as one of the most important positions on the pitch, it is therefore no surprise that the best and most successful teams in world football have the best goalkeepers. At Football Skills School we recognise the benefits to a team of having a dependable last line of defence and therefore provide fun, innovative and highly effective coaching to improve your child from a technical, tactical, physical, social and psychological perspective. 

Opened to anybody and everybody interested in goalkeeping EVERY Saturday Morning. Boys and Girls. Based in Solihull. Our experienced and inspiring goalkeeping coaches will coach your child in many different topics. The best thing too is, you can still play for your team and train with us! Be one step ahead of your friends.

We aim to coach and help your child in her/his goalkeeping ability, with multiple topics over the year. Our elite goalkeeping coaches will help and improve your child's skills. Our topics have been sorted out by some of the best coaches around, to find the most important areas within the game of football. We also take it one step further, when you sign up you will be given a 'starter pack' which will go into some detail about how we can coach your child even more specific to their needs.

If your child is inspired be be the hero of the day and wants to try for themselves the skills they see Pickford, De Gea and Courtois do on the television then Football Skills School Goalkeeping sessions is where it can all start. We look forward to taking your child's goalkeeping abilities to the next level! 

Opened to children aged: 4-12 years old. 
Time: 9am - 10am​

Goalkeeper Centre